Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I want this


As all u know,i've just start my new life here,in putrajaya/cyberjaya.I rent a room.I wanna buy a chair which i can use while using my lappy.Since i dun have any computer desk,i want a chair that is simple yet not too spacy.And this come to my mind.I have had this one,in Japan and too bad i'm not take this to malaysia with me.I ve tried to find this floor chair at Ikea(considering that IKEA has a looot of unique design) but cudnt find one.Tau tak kat mane boleh cari?????One more.i'm looking for this.Rohto Eyedrop with cooling action.
I don't know where I can get this in Malaysia.I used and bought this while im in Japan.Anyone know???. I dont mind the what kind of brand it is as long it has mint cooling action and available in Malaysia.Jangan cakap carik kt watson ke guardian ke.da carik da.huhuuu..:)))

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